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heart pounding <3

Seiya and Usagi fans

Seiya/Usagi fans!
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to heartpounding, my community for fans of Seiya/Usagi!

x. Be respectful of other members.
x. Keep content related to the Seiya/Usagi pairing (or one of the characters).
x. Please place large images, fanfiction, and icon batches with more than 3 icons behind a LJ cut.
x. Place any adult content (nudity, sexual content, extreme violence) behind a LJ cut with a warning and warn us if any links lead to adult content.
x. Please credit for any work you may wish to share in this community (icons, fanfiction, fanart, etc.) that is not yours, and do not post content that the artist has specifically asked not to be redistributed.
x. Please follow all rules that artists/graphic makers set for their work.
x. As of 11/28/2010, I am asking that the only advertisements made be for communities or websites based directly on the Seiya/Usagi pairing. Please keep advertisements to once per week. PLEASE DO NOT advertise for RPGs any more. This is to keep the focus on SeiyaxUsagi.
x. You may sell merchandise that is directly related to the Seiya/Usagi pairing, or one of these characters. Please place images under a cut and provide us with some sort of seller/buyer feedback. MOD _butterflywings assumes no responsibility for transactions made in this community. Please keep selling posts to once a week.
x. Be advised that this community may contain spoilers.

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